You Can Not Hide Your Birthday From Me… And Progress

Johnny is always smiling and always picking up something heavy.
First things first, Happy Birthday Johnny!!! Johnny thought that if he told me it was his birthday late then I would not be able to make him a birthday WOD… tisk tisk tisk… This one is for you Johnny:
Happy 24! 🙂
Second, I love when people tell me, “Eddie, I am just not seeing any progress and I don’t feel stronger or fitter than I was when I started, hmmf!” Gosh that makes me laugh. If you have been with us for a month, and you have been coming consistently throughout, I guarantee that you are a fitter stonger person than when you came in.
Oh and wait, I have proof and a good example: I was talking with Sara with an H and Pnut after the WOD telling them how much improvement I have seen in them throughout their first month. Sarah agrees with me, BUT Pnut on the other hand does not. Pnut says “I dont feel any progress Eddie”, I say “are you freaking kidding me?” I go on to give her numerous examples of the feats of strenght that she had been exhibiting these past few weeks. She nods and totally disregards everything that I just told her, I could see it in her eyes, then I proceed to get on with the 7:30 Class. Pnut, unassumingly walks up to the pull up bar and cranks out her FIRST kipping pull up with NO BAND!!! In utter disbelief she screams , “I JUST DID A PULL UP!!! But no one saw it, 🙁 So the class says, “do it again” and she replies, “ok” and she did it!
When you get the feeling that you are not getting any better… Go try and do something that you were unable to do before… Repeat your baseline, I put money on anyone getting an improved score.
4 Rounds
24m OH carry w/ Heavy Weight
12 Ring Dips
24 Burpees
12 Wall Ball

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