You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks, If you Can Catch 'Em

Whoa!  Bryan and Rob completely owned the workout yesterday.
It was pretty awesome to see them fly through the god-awful workout that we had. I by no means think they are “old” but they are at an age where many have put their day of staying fit far behind them. Not them. Rob and Bryan did the workout among several strapping young 20-something lads and showed them that they bring serious intensity and don’t plan on slowing down.
Both finished in under 20 minutes what took most of us close to 30 minutes. Big pats on the back.
I think everyone who did the workout today needs to pat themselves on the back. This one definitely went above and beyond the level of difficulty we usually see in WODs and to complete it is seriously an accomplishment.
I know many of you seriously considered making this the workout where you were gonna call it quits at some point in your 5th,6th or 7th set of thrusters. Bravo for keepin on! 🙂
4 rounds
50 m Overheard Carry
15 Pullups
30 Wall Ball
200m Run

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