Heyday Transformation Challenge 2020

Next month we kick off the next Heyday Transformation Challenge. The dates of the challenge will be from February 15 – April 2. A total of 48 days.
NOTE: the meeting was moved. Originally it was Feb 6th its now a week later, Saturday Feb 13th at 9am.
I realized the Super Bowl Sunday was the following day which isn’t exactly conducive to meal prep.
And the following weekend is Valentines so I figured we’d get those “but..but..but it’s THE SUPER BOWL” excuses out of the way.
Many of you were not around for previous challenges so you don’t really know the details.
In a nutshell. The Heyday Transformation Challenge is a forty-eight day commitment to address all the elements of your lifestyle and gear them towards your fitness goals. With a special emphasis on nutrition. It has all the components of proper goal setting that most know they’re supposed to do but save the proper accountability and support, rarely ever do.
This includes:
Setting a specific quantifiable goal  (typically a fat-loss goal or performance).
Setting a specific start and end time i.e. deadline for the goal.
Determining a baseline metrics (before and after pictures, measurements, etc.)
Providing support and accountability through scheduled check-ins.
Providing a framework with which to execute the goal in the most practical way possible.
Putting “Skin in the Game” by paying to follow a plan.
You may have heard of this approach as SMART. Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic. Timely.
Why we do it.
To be perfectly honest fat-loss and proper nutrition isn’t rocket science. There is nothing “secret” or “magical” about it. There aren’t secret foods that melt fat.
There isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula of meal time or miracle number of calories.
This challenge isn’t about a particularly unique solution that I have that you can’t get somewhere else. In fact, it’s probably not anything that you don’t already know.
The best way to think about it as as a training camp. I’m training you how to know what to eat to lose weight or perform better. Not knowing, as in “this food is good and this one is bad” but being able to actually plan according to your goals, how to put what you know into practice into a workable plan what that’s going to look like in REAL LIFE.
Meal prep, shopping, spacing your meals, know what things actually matter and which thing don’t. I want to give you all the tools so that at the end of the challenge, nutrition and eating according to your goals is a skill –one that you can carry on long after the challenge
For many, the challenge has been an enlightening experience because they see first-hand what it takes to take mountain of how-to internet articles, pinterest recipes, and weight-loss magazines that offer little “tips” but never really bring it all together in one unifying framework.
For others, the challenge isn’t necessarily done out of not-knowing so much but rather the accountability of being part of a group to make sure that they’re going to do it.
If you look at the most driven athletes, bodybuilders, and figure competitors they get the outcomes that they work for and they do it predictably. And most if not all, have coaches to hold them accountable.
The question then, isn’t “what to do”, it’s getting you to do it…. How do we provide the average person with a career, kids, and all the other obligations of life with a system that they can follow and fit into their everyday life so that they can get the results that they want?
….without spending countless hours in the gym.
……obsessing about food and dieting.
…….countless hours cooking, weighing, measuring.
And feeling hungry and deprived.
That’s the goal of this challenge.
San Pedro Trainer

(Susan M. before/during/after a previous 40 day challenge.)

I don’t have any fat-loss secrets that you haven’t heard before. All I have is a framework that I think sets you up for the most amount of success by eliminating as much guesswork and effort as possible so that the average person can do this plan and get the most amount of fat loss not only in 6 weeks, but for a lifetime.

That brings me to another intended outcome… by the end of the challenge I don’t want you to just have a great transformation but rather equip you with a routine that you see your self doing for the long haul.
It’s not a cakewalk.

Like I said, the challenge seeks to eliminate as much guesswork and and effort as possible but that does not mean it’s easy or effortless. It is called a challenge for a reason. 😉 In fact, most people do not make it all the way through.
NO ONE does it perfectly but the ones who (even though they stumble) stick with it, have amazing results.
Why it’s hard (But totally doable)
Fitness writer Lou Schuler said: “There’s a reason everyone isn’t ripped and toned. Because it’s hard.”
The primary reason losing weight and keeping it off is difficult for most people is because there are a set of habits that all fit people have. They look different from person to person but overall, are basically the same.
When you see new fitness trends you realize, most diets are not in any way designed to be lifestyle habits. You’re told to do it for a couple weeks but then… well you’re on your own.
Habits are hard to adopt. Especially good ones. But once they are there, they are hard to break. You do them automatically with little thought or perceived effort.
So in the beginning of a positive lifestyle change, you are swimming against the current that is your *current habits*. It’s hard.Paula Cholesterol
You have to channel your discipline to make yourself do the things you said you’d do. For some this initial “dip” is too difficult and they succumb to old habits. But others, stubborn enough to want change, stick with it.
For them, the changes over time become more habitual. The results come and feel rewarding and as more time passes, it takes less effort to do the things. And after the initial dip what was once hard, is now done automatically. Now you can’t even picture yourself NOT doing it.
You may have experienced this with exercise. Sure it isn’t always fun but its so ingrained in you, you couldn’t imagine not doing it. This is a breakthrough — when you no longer struggle with a certain negative aspect of yourself because you’ve outgrown it. I’ve referred to this in the past as finding a new normal.
In order to get lasting results you have redefine what’s normal for you by replacing bad/mediocre habits with better ones.
That’s what this challenge seeks to do.
San Pedro Challenge before after

(The subject on the left is Blake before and after a 21 day challenge we did. The far right pic is Rob after our last challenge)
Here’s what to expect:
The challenge begins  with an information meeting where:

  • I explain the basic principles behind the plan.
  • You set a target weight.
  • We set a caloric/macro goal based on your target weight.
  • Body Fat Testing./ Measurements and Pictures

Prior to the challenge, on Saturday Feb 13th, you will get dunked through the Hydrostatic Weighing Method which is one of the most effective ways to measure body fat.
(We were able to do this because a local business, Harbor Insurance owned by a heyday athlete Brien McElhoes is sponsoring the fat-testing!)
We begin the challenge by setting a target body weight. I’ve seen those who complete the challenge lose 8 – 14 pounds of fat (keep in mind this isn’t merely weight loss. It’s fat-loss with muscle retention: BIG difference).
Anyhoo, so that’s about what to shoot for.
From there you will receive target Macronutrient goals you need to hit every day in order to reach that goal. In order to know whether you’re doing that, you track everything you eat. Usually on MyFitnessPal.
The challenge will be in two parts:
Part 1 will be 21 days of tracking what you eat. Everything. I mean everything.
You will receive a grocery list and a workbook that will you enter only your daily summary in at the end of the day. Dont get overwhelmed, this takes 5 minutes at the end of each day.
Side note: We track calories for several reasons. One being, that many people have zero clue what or how much they’re eating everyday. As active people and as someone with weight-loss (or gain) goals it is very important to know because as I’m sure you’ve heard, “What doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get managed”.
I can’t provide any real advice to anyone who doesn’t track their food or hasn’t at some point because I have no frame of reference. One of the best things you can do to lose weight is find out what you’re eating to begin with. Then you can tweak from there.
The second part of the challenge is “taking the training wheels off”. Provided, that you’re following the challenge rules at this point, this is where we no longer track and begin to “eyeball” it by following a template.
You will know what to eat, how much, and when without tracking.
The hope here is that by the 21 day mark, you’ve settled into a routine, are eating consistently and can manage without measuring every single thing.
Periodically throughout the challenge you email check-in updates to keep me updated on your progress and compliance. 4 Check-ins total.
At the end of the challenge, you will return for our closing meeting to re-measure, take “after pics” and get re-dunked for body fat.
How do I participate? We will have a sign up form in the gym or you send an email to info@crossfitheyday.com
The cost to participate is $60. You pay at the gym kiosk.
The initial challenge meeting will be at 9:00am on Saturday, February 13th. Time is tentative and subject to change.
To Attend the Meeting Fill out this form:

Some other frequently asked questions are:
Do I really have to track everything I eat?
I am very adamant that you track your food to get the full benefit of the challenge. But if you absolutely believe you can’t stick to that using an app that requires literally 5 minutes a day than yes you will still be able to do the challenge. The caveat is that your non-tracking challenge will be stricter since I have to set more boundaries given that I will not know what you’re eating.
What if I have a vacation scheduled during the challenge?
You can still do it. There will never be a perfect time.
Is this Paleo?
No, it isn’t, but it can if you want it to be. My guidelines don’t exclude food groups. They focus on macronutrients. That being said, you can totally do this challenge with only Paleo foods.
Can I be Gluten Free or Vegetarian?
Yes. You can do this challenge with those food restrictions. It will however be more difficult to meet protein guidelines but not impossible.
Can I drink?
Yes (technically) but you can’t get drunk. If you want to get lean and ALSO wanna party don’t do the challenge. It’ll be a waste of time honestly. But if you like to enjoy a libation or two without for sanity than yes it won’t be a problem.
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